Why should I use an SEO Consultant?

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is one of the most important factors for ranking a website. Not be visible in Google is a daily business loss for a company: you are virtually giving a market share to your competitors. No company can afford this!
The sites need to be optimized for ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. An optimized website means that your product and your company are known and therefore your sales increase.
Using an SEO agency means not crossing your fingers hoping someone click on your ad; you reach an audience that is actually searching your product / service. Our consultant, after analyzing the content of your website, is offering you a solution based on your needs by identifying a number of keywords for which ranking your website. But we do not just do this; we also analyze the keywords for which your competitors are ranking for in order to rank your site for these keywords as well. All this means that your site will have a traffic flow that results in an increase in your sales.


  1. Site analysis: this phase is paramount, we must evaluate every single aspect of the site and see all the critical issues and then take action to improve every single point, and these may be, the layout of the site, the heaviness of the pages, too much use of HTML code, lack of connections and links, static or dynamic website, insufficient or poor-quality content, too heavy images and more … this is only a part of what needs to be analyzed before starting any work.
  2. Evaluation of keywords: based on a product or service, we should analyze the appropriate keywords, then structuring the site to notify search engines the object of the content. Moreover we will analyze these keywords also considering how users can use them in combination with other words, hence creating a number of new keywords to be used to create new content.

As most of the search engines,Google positioning in the SERPs are the most relevant contents according to the search keywords used by users, it goes without saying, that the key element to rank a website is the content but CAUTION, this must be quality, structured and never copied nor imitated by other written or online sites, otherwise the website could be banned from the search engines. Each text is then checked before being put online in order to avoid even partial clones that could compromise the effectiveness

Let’s see how we work in this next step:
  1. SEO Content: the basis for indexing a website is the content, the drafting of the texts must be corresponding to the object of the site; content in general must describe the object and contain the appropriate keywords to the context, however, please do not to make mistakes both in quantity and in quality, because “Google can read” and understand if someone is cheating!
  2. Guest post and link building : In addition to content, the site will have a “relationship” with other sites, this is very important to strengthen the popularity of the same and increase its authority, as in real life, even in the web reports have a fundamental importance, therefore in this second phase in addition to the content we will create relevant links.

This sums up the structured system that we apply, smoothly and efficiently following the rules and guidelines of the search engines, first of all Google.

It is not enough to have a website to succeed online, you must dominate your competition by taking over Google!

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