Are you thinking about to hiring an SEO agency? By now, any company that wants to find success online should know that the optimization of search engines is a crucial point. After all, if a website can not be found in search engines, what is the use? Sure, there are other ways to promote a website (such as social media, paid advertising, etc.), but most of the web users are turning to Google to find information, products and services. It is important to dominate Google and your competition and a SEO consultant can help you achieve this.

How do I decide if I should hire a SEO specialist? Here are some items to consider.

Limited knowledge of SEO

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Most company owner and marketing professionals do not go beyond the elementary knowledge of SEO techniques. At first glance it may be sufficient but today, more than ever, to organically position a website on search engines requires a thorough knowledge of SEO strategies.

Some companies with limited knowledge trying to start a SEO “campaign do-it-yourself” that often only creates damage to their online presence. SEO, to be effective, it must be done properly. This is where an SEO specialist comes into play.His experience should ensure that all technical on-site and off site follow the guidelines for Webmaster.


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One of the most important things to understand about SEO is that it is not a strategy “one-off”, it takes time to get it right! An effective organic search strategy is a work “in progress” that is done every day, according to a predefined schedule.

Most companies simply does not have the time required to follow a SEO strategy in a constant way. An SEO campaign has no end as it is a long-term speech and an SEO agency has the time and resources to apply the right techniques that will lead to the positioning of the website

Lack of online presence


Dominating Gooogle takes time! But if a site was built a few years ago and does not appear within the first few pages of a search, there is clearly something wrong so now need to review the web marketing strategy.

If your website is not on page 1 of Google for your business, products, or services, then you are losing money to your competitors that rank ahead of you.To exploit the full potential offered by Internet you should rank your website on the front page so it may be time to hire an SEO agency.

Fancy website but no traffic

A business website is crucial in any web marketing strategy. A good company website has a pleasing design and is easy to navigate for users. It also includes all the information that a visitor would want to know including current offer products, stores, contact information, hours of operation, promotions, news etc. If a website contains all of these elements and provides a useful product why is not visible online?

If you have a website full of all the information your clients need, customers will visit it often and willingly, and it is not inconceivable that the share on social media .. If you are not receiving enough traffic you are missing business for the benefit of competition

Lack of SEO knowledge within the company

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Most companies employs web marketing professionals who do not have specific expertise in terms of SEO. Wanting to make a comparison is like relying on family doctor when instead we need a specialist.
Often these people are entrusted SEO campaigns; if they do not produce results within a year the company then reviews its strategy and only then begin to consider the idea of hiring an SEO consultant. In the end they realize that they need a SEO expert to take charge of their SEO strategy.

If a company offers a service / product that can have a certain market, it is important that the reference target is able to find them. An SEO specialist is the answer to this lack of visibility: having the skills and resources required is able to draw up a proposal that takes into account the medium and long term objectives.

In essence rely to a SEO specialist should be considered by the company a long-term investment that will have a determined ROI in the medium to long term. In a SEO campaign nothing should be left to chance, every element must be defined in relation to the turnover objectives.

If you want to accelerate your business, request you free SEO analysis.