About a year ago, Google announced the changes it is making to its algorithm and, from May 2016, all websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will be penalized in the ranking. You know that 66% of all traffic comes from devices mobile (phones, tablets)? Do not have an accessible website where the visitor does not immediately find the information you look for means to be penalized in the ranking, it means losing potential customers and thus sales.

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Often sites created for desktop PCs or laptops are not optimized for mobile devices so the graphics and text are not readable, and more importantly, are not readily available phone number and address which are the data sought by users.

While maintaining the content of the existing website for desktop PCs, we create a new optimized mobile website version that, by taking the content of the existing website, is completed with additional features such as click to call, Open table Reservations, online scheduling, etc. This mobile website, which has a dedicated hosting and is independent of the desktop website also has a better ranking in search engines.

Let’s see an example.

Not Optimized Website

The same site optimized for mobile devices

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